What are business owners afraid of when hiring employees?

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The key link in business is people. Or, to be more precise, the employees. How the company will work depends on their productivity and talent. The right people will lead the organization to prosperity and success, and the wrong people will derail the entire business.

If you are looking for a top-level specialist, every mistake will cost you too much. For this reason, it is difficult for business owners to make hiring decisions, especially when it comes to management positions . Transferring control to the wrong hands is not an easy task.

In this article, we will look at the main fears that prevent you from making the right decisions.

• Waiting for a response (When you make an offer to the candidate you like / the best, in your opinion, there comes a moment of fear before the answer. What if he didn’t like the conditions, company, salary? Maybe someone -will have time to lure him by suggesting the best option? If this happens, you will have to start all over again.)

Misconception ( Candidates now spend a lot of time preparing for interviews. Often they know the questions and answers very well . And there are people who simply have amazing communication skills, charm and charisma that can conquer anyone. Or vice versa – not all people know how to represent themselves well. And here it is important not to be mistaken with the choice. You should not judge a person just by how he presents himself. Look at the activity, not the performance.)

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• Loss of the best specialist (You may encounter a situation when the selection period is much longer It takes a lot of time to agree on the terms and conditions of an employee’s exit. But successful candidates do not search for a long time, they will not wait for your company to be identified.)

• Wasted time and money on vacancy advertising (Good specialists rarely fall for ads. Without personal contacts they cannot be attracted. Spend less time posting, tracking, and responding to advertisements, and more time spending personal contacts with people who can lead you to the right people.)

• Experience will not be enough Span merit, but daily results. The leader should be a leader who easily leads the whole team. a person will achieve success not only for himself, but also for the sake of the team as a whole.)

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• Wrong person (A major risk for business owners is to hire the wrong person. Each company needs an employee to quickly adapt, began to show soybeans effectiveness and benefit. There is always a fear that the candidate will not pass the probationary period.)

• I was sure that I knew him (When we hire employees, we often mistakenly believe that we know them well. , comes banal disappointment in each other. It turns out that you have completely different views on life and company. It is imperative to research the candidate’s values ​​and cultural norms as deeply as possible.)

• Hire not the one you wanted, but the one you could (When hiring, we often miss out on the best candidates, ignoring those whose experience was not flawlessly smooth. This search strategy significantly limits your choices. Employees who have previously failed are worthy of consideration. They seek to regain their reputation and more highly motivated to succeed.)

chego boyatsya sobstvenniki biznesa?

• Unwillingness to learn (It is impossible to know absolutely everything in any sphere. no experience of the candidate, he must always be ready to learn and develop. Moreover, if you hire a leader, he must not only be ready to learn, but also push his subordinates to this.)

• The employee will not work for the company, but for himself (When we hire an employee, we give him everything that we have gained all these many years. That is, all the cards are open to the employee and if something does not suit him, he can safely leave, taking valuable information with him.)

This list is not exhaustive. Each company has its own nuances and its own fears. It should be remembered that the risk was, is and will always be. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is ready to correct them. Do not be afraid to take risks and look for the best specialists for your team!

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