5 myths about leadership

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Speakers, business coaches, strategic consultants, prophets and oracles, company directors and HR managers, aspiring owners and vigorous startups are en masse to dress up in the leadership scheme, which is presented as a panacea for building a successful business.

There are many recommendations that a leader should inspire confidence, be sincere, truthful, diligent, understanding, inspiring, etc. All this takes place, BUT only on such principles one cannot build an effective business!

What to do and what mistakes to avoid, read this article

Myth # 1 Leader needs to be humble

Despite the fact that arrogant people who advertise themselves are perceived negatively by society, at the moment, modesty only works for those who have already formed a positive reputation.

In today’s society, self-promotion and self-confidence contribute to career success. And narcissistic leaders tend to be more entrepreneurial, bold, strategy-driven, and more efficient.


Myth No. 2. A leader must inspire

Inspiration is not the best way to motivate. It does nothing to change the working conditions. After being inspired, a person experiences a surge of energy and enthusiasm for a while, and then everything goes away, and employees return to their previous working conditions.

Setting certain goals significantly changes the actions of employees and improves the results of their work.

Preferring inspiration to science and facts, a good mood in real life, we only exacerbate and prolong problems in our career.


Myth No. 3. A leader should always be honest, open and true to himself

On the one hand, if the leaders lie, then no one will believe in their words. But alas and ah, lies thrive among leaders and are very common in everyday life. She helps people achieve their goals.

Also, leaders do not have to be always true to themselves. On the contrary, they need to behave as the situation is supposed to and as needed by others at the moment.

Myth No. 4. A leader cannot make mistakes

Many people believe that the leader is the embodiment of the ideal. This is not a human being, this is a robot that simply cannot make mistakes. But we are all human, and we all make mistakes, regardless of our position and status. Like any other person, a leader is wrong and sometimes wrong.


Myth # 5. Leaders must first take into account the interests of others, and then their own

Of course, the interests of employees must be taken into account, since without them you will not achieve your goal. But as a rule, the leader, first of all, thinks about himself and his plans, and only then about his subordinates.

So what is needed for effective leadership?

  • Stop looking for inspiration.
  • Perceive the world not as you want to see, but as it really is.
  • First of all, watch the actions, not the words.
  • Stop separating everything into black and white and think in terms of “either – or”.
  • Learn not only from successes, but also from failures.
  • Goodbye, but remember. Forgive so people can better acknowledge their mistake. Remember to make them less likely to repeat them.

A leader is not a hero of book novels, he is a person who competently builds business processes and achieves the company’s goals. Do you want to attract a person to the company who will make your business successful? The professionals of the company “Administrative Resource” will help you with this, using the capabilities of Headhunting and Executive Search .

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