Psychological portrait of a successful top manager

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What are the personal qualities of a successful leader? Only “good” people come to success? It’s time to take off the pink glasses from the TOP personality!

Will the top manager from Japan, USA, Germany and Belarus differ? Of course. The reason is not only in mentality, but also in adherence to different management models. The choice of a model is determined by the country of residence and, to a lesser extent, by the personal choice of the manager.

Three management models are classically distinguished:

American model of management.

The motivation of employees to work is manifested in the saying: “I don’t take care of myself – no one will take care of it.” In fact: almost complete absence of social guarantees on the part of the employer, the right to work is protected by the trade union (provided that the employee is a member).

Japanese management model.

Based on a Japanese person’s dedication to the enterprise throughout their lives. If a Japanese changes jobs, he does so for a very good reason, since he instantly loses from 25 to 40% in wages and loses career advancement.

Losing a job is equivalent to losing a part of yourself. And the sudden closure of the plant increases the number of suicides. This is due to the three principles of the Japanese management model:

  • life-long employment system;
  • the concept of continuous learning: starting to work, a person goes from the very bottom to the management personnel (both vertical and horizontal promotion are developed).
  • collective management decision making.

European model of management (on the example of Germany).

A compromise between the American model and the Japanese collectivist. The goal of the management is a quality product, focus on training and retraining of management personnel.

What about us?

In the Belarusian management model, the principle of the supremacy of loyalty over professionalism prevails, therefore, in the state sector of the economy, appointment to a position is often on the verge of absurdity. The point is not only that top managers are appointed “from above”, but also in complete disregard for personal qualities, educational profile and previous work experience. The reality of the Belarusian government is that at any moment the Minister of Agriculture can become the manager of the Vitba plant or healed of the colony of the same name.

The private business sector is weak, dependent, at a stage of development, which is often hindered rather than helped. On the fingers of one hand you can list the headliners of the Belarusian business, and even those often have parent companies abroad.

Belarusian business desperately needs its own management model, which should correspond to the national idea and character of Belarusians.

Belarusians have always been hardworking and assiduous. Therefore, the American model with a focus on training and retraining of management personnel as a way of developing our own management model seems to us the most suitable.

If you try to discuss with an ordinary Belarusian who a top manager is, you will be surprised to understand that the popular term “Top manager” is understood by everyone intuitively and is used, as they say, in his own way. fear and risk.

In the Western sense, a top manager differs from an ordinary employee not by having his own office, subordinates and an official car, but by the ability to make managerial decisions that affect the company’s profit, its policy and business strategy.

Therefore, when describing a Top Manager, we will represent just such a person.

So what can be called success criteria?

Ability to do several things at the same time.

I would be lying if I said that the management process is linear. In a perfect world, he could be like that. But reality dictates different conditions, and sometimes in a very perverse way. Responsibility always comes for the decisions made, and it lies with the manager. Your decisions always have consequences that suit you or not. It’s up to you.

Resilience in a situation of uncertainty

Uncertainty is a direct consequence of the lack of a correct answer. The consequences of a decision are always long in coming. And it is impossible in life to rewind time to make another decision.

Lust for power, dominance

Ambition, the desire to be the first in everything is the main motivation of managers to open their eyes in the morning. A good top manager will not sit still while his enemies and rivals get better.


Thomas Edison took 10,000 different ways to make a light bulb. And only at 10 001 he did it.


Being open to new ideas and ways to achieve goals is a sign of a flexible mind. Therefore, proactive top managers often become more successful than their conservative colleagues.

Dominance of one’s own interests over the interests of others

Selfishness is the ability to conserve energy for new great deeds. So it turns out that people who devote themselves to serving others, alas, do not achieve anything.


Inadequately high self-esteem is expressed in a disdainful attitude towards others. Top managers think that the task entrusted to you is primitive. And your difficulties in doing it can only cause irritation.

Competitive passion

Another motivator for productive work is when others do better. The presence of an opponent works better than incendiary mixture. Especially when a top manager has surpassed his authority.

Unrealistic requirements for yourself

And at the same time, inadequately overestimated self-esteem is expressed in a demanding attitude towards oneself. When skipping a workout becomes not just a skip, but a violation of your given word.


Don’t be afraid to ask for rewards above the market price, because the result is really cool.


So many doors close from a sincere attitude. Not all people are liked by a top manager. But it is these people who benefit from his activities. It is much more profitable to be insincere than to lose money with your attitude.

The ability to lie

A direct consequence of insincerity.


To question not only social norms and rules, but also the concepts of values, morality and ethics.


Do you represent uncharismatic top managers? In Italy, they would have been bombarded with tomatoes. The subordinate must be willing to obey. Even just because he likes the top manager.

It’s time for Belarusians to understand that competition and rivalry should become synonymous with a comfortable and happy life. You will have to give up some principles and deviate from your own beliefs.

Nothing is free. Every decision you make will cost you several years of your life. Happy or not? Depends on you.

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