Highest paying jobs in 2020

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2020 surpasses the worst expectations of strategic consultants and analysts, “gifting” the world COVID 19, global quarantine, political upheavals and the collapse of entire industries.

The pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the labor market. In the summer of 2020, this was aggravated by the political crisis in Belarus, which reached its climax in August 2020. Many companies were forced to optimize and cut their staff, exclude positions with duplication of functions, stop the recruitment process, transfer some of the employees to part-time and out-of-office work. Our clients have cut office staff by 17% in just one year.

According to the monitoring of wages and compensations, p about the results of 2020 only third companies plan to pay their employees annual bonuses and benefits , since remote work, stagnation of the economy, the breakdown of business ties have worsened the financial results of most companies.

Remote work dictates its own rules: an employee must be able to autonomously solve tasks outside the office, be able to configure programs in case of CRM systems failures, build communication using video calls and conferences, which significantly affects employee engagement and feedback from customers and colleagues.

The labor market is going through a period of global changes. If from 2014 to 2019. the level of wages and the demand for employees had a noticeable positive dynamics , the level of actual unemployment was constantly decreasing, then 2020 brought into what is happening significant adjustments. Personnel demand has decreased in almost all industries economics, in in addition, the need for “digitizers” (those who is engaged in automation and transl audited online business), copper Qing employees , marketers and sales managers . The hiring decision-making process has slowed down significantly, despite the fact that communication between the candidate and the employer has accelerated in 2020. According to our information, the number of online interviews has more than doubled.

Industries that had the hardest time in 2020

– А via transportation and tourism. Many of them were forced to cut staff from 20% to 55%.

– Up to 50% staff reduction was observed in hotel and restaurant business , rent real estate, event-services and logistics industry , construction.

– Abbreviations were not spared and it-sector , while n product companies with the least loss experienced 2020 od compared to outsourcing.

It is important to respond promptly to changes in the labor market and comply with them.


The consulting company “Administrative Resource” annually sums up the results of the past year by researching the labor market in various industries and spheres of activity. The study covers: IT- sector , ф armatse vtic industry , п production , distribution companies, p item , with spruce , s construction .

We would like to note that all the numbers below are information from projects implemented by our company in 2020.

1. One of the most solvent spheres of the economy still remain IT- sector , in which the middle income leaves 2 170 $. In terms of the number of open vacancies, it is in second place in the top in demand on the labor market. It should be noted that we did not take into account wages Junior , since we have not been contacted for specialists of this level.

Highest paid development and programming professions:

Our clients hired:

– CTO 5,700 $ – 7,680 $

– DevOps engineer 4,300 $ – 5 640 $

– System architect – 5 100 $ – 7 300 $

– Big Data Engineer 4,200 $ – 5,000 $

– Senior Scala developer – 5 100 $

– Java Developer 3,000 $ – 4 400 $

– JavaScript Developer $ 3,500 – 4 700 $

2. Income TOP-managers is most classified information in companies. TOPS discussion add specific terms of employment at the negotiating table with the owner of the company or the board of directors .

Following the results 2020 . our clients offered the following offers:

– Most high salaries for EXPATS of international companies 8500 $ – 19 000 $

– CIO 5 860 $

– Deputy Chairman I board bank 5 9 00 $

– Commercial Director 4 250 $

– Representative Director foreign company 5 950 $

– Production Director 5 10 0 $

– Chief Operating Officer 8,200 $

– Director manufacturing company 6 500 $

– Chief Financial Officer – $ 4,050

– Product Owner – $ 6,700

  1. Sales specialists Lead sales manager , , as always, are in the first place in demand, regardless of the situation in the country and the economy. Typically, the number of vacancies in this area is about 30% of all employers’ recruitment requests. The highest paid areas for a sales manager: IT – sphere, telecommunications, transport logistics . Knowledge of the English language increases the manager’s income by more than 2 times. Below are the figures for salaries in 2020 for managers with work experience from 5 years, in the B2B segment .

Our clients offered fixed income from $ 1,200 to $ 3,500.

The annual income of successful managers ranged from 50 to 120 thousand dollars.

4. Pharmaceutical industry. Coronavirus pandemic increased sales medicines and personal protective equipment several times. We examined top managers of pharmaceutical companies in the second category.

У the level of income of medical representatives in foreign companies in 2020 was: according to a study of the pharmaceutical industry, foreign agents paid their experienced medical representative $ 1200 – $ 2500.

5. Chief technologists in industry and manufacturing. The demand for these specialists has grown since September 2020, influenced by the political situation in the country. Belarusian technical specialists are attractive to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan and Lithuania. Employees are lured away and outbid, they are offered relocation with housing payments and the wage level is 1.5-2 times higher than the Belarusian one. Belarusian chief technologists there were offers for $ 2,300, $ 2,800 and $ 3,900.

6. Industry this year dropped to sixth place, but the average salary of experienced and highly qualified specialists remains high. Our clients have made an offer:

– Main e engineer s from 4000 BYN up to 6 420 BYN

– Main e constructor and from 3000 BYN up to 5600 BYN

We are sure that salary research by spheres and industries activities of your company or in relation to direct competitors, it will be a useful tool for you for acceptance managerial decisions pan> : when hiring personnel, retaining key employees, developing incentive systems, forming a wage fund.

Order a free consultation in you will get cost calculation individual research of salaries in the area of ​​interest to you .

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