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If you have already seen the benefits of searching for employees by contacting a recruiting agency (and if not yet, then be sure to read this article J ), and therefore, determined to find the very “charming and attractive”, and in your case a competent and loyal candidate, actively “wool” the Internet in search of an article that will allow you to derive the search formula of the best personnel agency , then our congratulations – you found it!

Considering all the subtleties and nuances of the present time, the demand for qualified, unique specialists is only growing, and employers are interested in fast, high-quality and guaranteed selection, because the success of their business depends on this. Agree, in a crisis, allowing yourself to work with the first recruiting agency that comes across is akin to playing “Russian roulette”, any rash step can become the last … However, not everything is so sad, because now we will help you make the only right decision!

“10 out of 10”: or key criteria for choosing a recruiting agency

So how do you hit the bull’s-eye right away? First, let’s decide where we are aiming? What criteria will you be guided by, giving preference to this or that agency? Having conducted a survey among business owners, directors of enterprises and HR-directors of large companies in Belarus and Russia, we, together with the personnel holding Empire of Kadrov, found out that before entrusting us with the future of their business, our clients paid attention to the following points:

  • The reputation of a professional services company.
  • Cost of services provided.
  • Reliable guarantees (warranty periods, free candidate replacement, money back).
  • The number of vacancies closed by the company and the level of attracted specialists.
  • My own impression of meeting the management of the recruiting agency.
  • Attractiveness of the recruiting agency site and the frequency of its updates.
  • The company has a modern, equipped office.
  • The location of the office and its distance from the city center.
  • Professionalism of the company’s employees.
  • Availability of partners in other cities and countries.
  • Accuracy of meeting promised deadlines in recruiting.
  • High-level organization of the agency’s work.
  • Advertising of the company’s activities in the media.
  • The agency’s membership in trade unions.
  • Possession of information about the talent market and salary level.
  • The company offers related services.
  • Ability to perform complex services by the recruiting agency.

So, the rating of recruiting agencies

Having decided on the exact coordinates of the target, let’s gradually prepare for the final shot, because here, like with snipers, it is not phenomenal accuracy that is important, but steel endurance! There is not a single official rating of recruitment agencies in Belarus. Even unofficial, the rating of a recruiting agency is determined by a combination of factors:

1. Agency reputation / awareness

Reputation is the same “ephemeral” factor, which, however, can be converted into quite tangible assets. Many believe that such a purely subjective phenomenon as “reputation” defies objective assessment, because “everyone knows how praise is written, and you can buy advertising on the Internet.” However, we adhere to a different point of view – the reputation can and should be objectively assessed, based on the following parameters:

a) background information and activity in the Internet environment. Now, in our age of total informatization, you must admit that the situation will look very absurd when a leader, armed with a telephone set and a telephone directory, calls all the numbers in a row. Usually your first acquaintance with a potential business partner takes place on the Internet . Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to the website of the recruiting company. First, it just has to be. Secondly, it should be of high quality, and not slack in a hurry “on the knee”, understandable to use and contain current news, on which the content is constantly updated. In addition, pay attention to the company’s activity in social networks, because now every self-respecting company is concerned about creating its corporate brand in the Internet space.

b) publications and mentions in the business press about the agency and its leaders. Thus, the leaders of our company are constant participants in leading events and forums in the field of recruiting, which only confirms that our team consists only of recruiting professionals;

c) membership in associations and professional associations; So, pay attention to the members of the Association of Personnel Officers of Belarus and NP “Labor Market Experts” of the Russian Federation, which include our company.

d) positive customer reviews ;

e) longevity of the company. If a company has gone through several crises in its life cycle, then this speaks of its stability, formed business processes and refined recruiting techniques and techniques.

2. Professionalism of the recruiting company

Of course, the main indicators of professionalism in recruiting are the speed and accuracy of recruiting. But you can evaluate these indicators only upon the provision of the service. In the meantime, you should rely on your first impression and intuition.

And we will show you what to look for during the initial assessment of the company’s expert level:

  • Thoughtful, structured presentation of company services;
  • Competent cancellation of the order, willingness to adjust customer requirements taking into account market realities.
  • Possibility to select a search technique.
  • A clear explanation of the procedure and rules for the provision of services, technologies and recruiting tools, assessment procedures during interviews with applicants for a vacancy of the client company.
  • Knowledge of the personnel market in your industry.
  • Relevance of information about the expectations of applicants in terms of compensation and benefits.
  • Availability of internal training programs in the agency.
  • Provision of other services by the company: business trainings ; personnel assessment and testing ; labor market and wages research .

You can indirectly evaluate the professionalism of a company by the quality and quantity of work done in the field of search and selection of qualified personnel. Analyze the vacancies posted on the corporate and work sites, estimate their number, level of positions. It should be noted that in the work of recruiting agencies there are a certain number of closed vacancies – when the customer asks not to disclose information about the search, and this is most often specialized recruiting of top managers: Executive search , Head Hunting. Therefore, it is better to ask the selected contractors about the implemented projects.

3. Services cost

A reasonable and balanced pricing policy is important here, which takes into account such factors as:

  • project complexity;
  • required closing time.

Don’t buy into promises of “free” to pick up workers, because, as you know, free cheese is only in a mousetrap … Note that the cost of recruiting services usually depends on the income level of the potential employee, as well as on your requirements. On average, prices for the selection of top managers are 18-20%, middle managers – 13-15% of the employee’s annual salary.

4. Agency guarantees

An important aspect of professional activity is guarantees . Free replacement of an employee who has not passed the probationary period is a “must have” for every self-respecting agency.

Now, we are sure that you are ready for the final shot with an extremely accurate hit on the target. And we hope that this shot will lead you to us!

We find people for business and business for people. We always find it!

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